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I would very much like to know… I am 50 year old woman, and to date, no man has ever been able to give me an orgasm via penetration. Is there something wrong with me? I am only able to orgasm by stimulating my clitoris or by using a vibrator.

Do you have any advice for me? I am tired of always faking an orgasm and lying to my partner about our sex-life is just not fun at all. I am a recently divorced woman, and my new partner can’t get it done either.

I am fed up. I am a hot lover at 50 years old and I am not getting any pleasure from penetration sex.

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Dear Anonymous

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with you. Research shows that only 30% of women who are orgasmic can reach climax with penetration stimulation alone.

This leaves 70% of women who can only reach climax with clitoral stimulation. This means, you are more normal than you think you are.

Still, this does not mean that you can’t exercise and teach you body how to have sexual pleasure in different ways.

Take a look at our Satisfyer – Double Joy couples sex toy.

This amazing little toy stimulates your clitoris while your partner penetrates you.

With both clitoral stimulation and penetration happening at the same time, your body will be able to connect the clitoral orgasm with penetration. And with enough practise of this technique and a toy – you will be able to drastically increase your chances of being one of the 30% of woman to reach orgasm during penetration sex alone.